Greetings! I am a designer from Russia and wanted to bring to my system more beauty and aesthetics of those times when modular synthesis was born. I couldn’t find anything like that on sale(except for a couple of models from the ADDAC company) I decided to design them myself. So, meet and greet my little home manufacture 🙂 These modules are designed primarily for beauty and visual pleasure, but perform some tasks too. As a person born in the early 80s, I was inspired by Paul Verhoeven’s dystopias, the romance of the worlds of Philip K. Dick and of course the Soviet industry, so my devices are charged with warm lamps and notes of childhood before the era of the Internet, when an ordinary light bulb and battery could become a fascinating entertainment for many evenings.

Modules can be purchased on or directly — just contact me in direct  or by email —

You can find the most popular models below, for more information please visit my modulargrid page


"TAKTOMER" series.
Gate signal counter units based on various Soviet nixie tubes.

• 6 programmable counting grids, from 2 up to 99/999 gates long (depending on counter model)
• Random output mode and build-in stopwatch.
• Buil-in clock generator.
• «Echo effect» for inactive lamps.
• Remembers the last selected mode when power is off.

• Optional gate reset mode.
• Passive mult will allow you to combine the signals and send over.
• Built-in protection from the toxicity of lamps.
• Fast response, high speed support.
• Optional backlight with or without flicker.

"GЛИТЧ" series.
Analog signal visualizer inspired by Alex Zolotov (

GЛИТЧ-1 has a single renderer and passive mult.
GЛИТЧ-2 has a two independent renderers and can operate in stereo or mirror mode. Also have a passive mult.
GЛИТЧ-3 has a three independent renderers, with the possibility of duplicating the 2nd channel on all displays.

• Display output devices for visual interpretation of incoming signal.
• Nine different visualization algorithm.
• Wide dynamic range of input signals from audio to CV.
• Thru output.
Module specs: 6 hp, skiff friendly, black or aluminium panels and lot of button colors

"ЛИУ", "СИУ","ДИУ" series.
Tube, analog and LED VU-meeters.

"РИТМИКС" and "МКС8" series.
Audio mixers for any purpose.

• 8 independent mono channels for audio signal in just 12hp.
• Individual volume and pan functions per channel.
• Stereo output channel sum with led indication of output signal level.
• Instant mute button for master output with led backlight.

• 8 channels mixer in just 6 hp.
• Led VU on master out.
• And of course a wide range of LED colors and combinations.
• Skiff friendly.

6-channel bidirectional signal router.

Vactrol based unit, for interrupt or pass signals.

• Adjustable number of channels from 1 to 6 + tremolo mode.
• Two-way operation, high switching speed limit.
• 6 algorithms for channels changing via trigger/gate, including random.
• Manual and CV* control also available.
• Unit save the last settings when powering off.
• And of course, the lovely tube indication of the active channel

• Four independent generators perform two tasks depending on the operating conditions.
• When an external signal connected, the device breaks and passes it according to a unique     random algorithm.
• In the absence of an incoming signal, the device transmits +12v to use as the gate, triggers, etc.
• Each channel has a smooth setting from rare skips (CCW) to infrequent interrupts (CW).

Utility units.

Inspired by the "Jupiter Storm" by the Hexinverter

• Device consists of two separate «Jupiter Storm» like units housed in a compact 12-HP module.
• The timbral part is as close as possible to the original, but has minor differences in sound.
• Device offers you 14 separated sound outputs based on 6 square core oscillators:
• 6 direct square OSC outputs with individual and the overall pitch control. (forget about V/Oct!!!)
• As well as 8 additional outputs equipped with extra modulation source and optional feedback.
• We have added automation of all toggle switches via incoming gate signal.
• We also added a new mode called «singularity» that allows you to modulate the right unit with the left and get extremally complex timbres.

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